The boring life of a rich man A tourbillon for two

I don’t want to say too much and I’m not going to push this watch, I’m afraid that AP will be too hot to buy in the future. I can’t be the one to start it. I hope I can still buy replica Audemars Piguet myself in the future.
Hands on, an unbeatable minimalist presence, wear it, I don’t age. The enamel face, which allows me to see time more softly, and the small floral engraving on the goose head are limited editions.
I’ve bought two Crown Blue Lion men’s watches before (White Snowflake and 60th Anniversary Small Gold Star), but this time I bought a quartz women’s watch STGF347, which is the newest model and may be the first one in China. I hope that Crown Blue Lion will sell more women’s watches in the future, and that men who already own Crown Blue Lion can recommend or buy them for their women.
I often have to write the day, date and month, so I have been looking for a full calendar watch, before looking at the Longines eight hand moon phase feel the dial is too messy directly over, then also looked at the Mido Helm full calendar that feel too thick also directly pass, and then inadvertently found the plum full calendar moon phase, 100 meters waterproof (because of professional relations, often wash their hands with the watch), chronometer certification, and full calendar, and low profile, which most meet my requirements, and then pay the deposit, waiting for the table, after a few days of suffering, finally got it.
Having played with watches for too many years, I have a certain understanding of watch design, dials, movement production techniques, quality control reputation, market retention, and the market layout of brand companies. So there are very few designs that I can match up to my heart, I have to produce my own movement, it has to be all steel for my daily commute, I can use it at will regardless of the constraints of the environment, so ceramic bezel, universal basic movement, hot premium models are passed by me a lot. The Calera is an in-house movement, an all-steel model, and a very hot green plate, full of features, so without further ado, I contacted the counter directly for the goods. This surprised the shopkeeper a little, as this brand counter hadn’t seen such a customer for a long time during the epidemic – a thirsty one. From pointing to the table to say to cut off the chain on the hands and get up and leave, less than 5 minutes, the guide and I said what at all did not listen, let me sign what I do not know, is like the feeling.
I got this “integrated circuit board” on a whim, full of the Little King game machine sense of immediacy, master green back! The board feels and looks the best of all the three straps. It’s possible that the newness of the device has overshadowed the small gold nugget. To borrow a famous quote from a businessman, “What pleases you is what you are.” At heart, the middle-aged man is still a teenager running against the wind.
20 years catching up with the epidemic, although a little affected but still did not change the concern of the watch house, the universal flying meter is also planted a small seed, at that time to see the blue plate of the little prince and the Spitfire, all feel wild is not enough, can also be in the wild a little? Finally, in October, a thunderbolt in the public, rumors that Top-Gun to new SFTI version, it is not clear, all black appearance is very eye-catching, version of the story is told brilliantly, only awarded to the best combat pilots, full of inspiration, the use of new material technology (magnetized titanium) more robust, military version of the table for the first time launched civilian version, 1500 limited edition is also a kind of out of a piece less a piece of The red small aircraft chronograph seconds hand is really unforgettable and tantalizing, the chronograph function is practical, the movement is the entry level no way, the importance of stability, everything is so no sense of inconsistency, then it is him ~
I’ve been looking for an everyday commuter model for a long time, and I found this one at the beginning of the year when I was directly seeded by the promotional pictures of the watch house, and I found the BERLIS BRV2-94. I got the watch last week and I’m doing my homework here. I got a full set of the national line and a gift travel case.
The dial is 43.5 and the case and one-piece lugs make it visually similar to a 42, which is the smallest of all my watches. The steel strap is designed to be comfortable and does not feel noticeably pressed in the hand. The two-tone black and blue ceramic bezel is a very strange colour scheme. Because you can’t see the two colours unless you look closely, you think it’s all black. The orange GMT hands are a highlight, with the inner ring of 24 scales half white and half orange and the outer ring of white numerals, which would be perfect if they were also luminous. This dial has 2 rings of graduations and with the rotatable outer ring this watch could have a 3 place time function.

The first thing that attracted me to this watch was the distinctive design of the dial, which is contrasting but not overwhelming, although the texture is not excellent, but with a certain amount of light it can achieve a good effect. The second is the design of the willow hand. In fact, the willow hand can easily be accidentally made into a fat-headed fish only by relying on luminous and skeletonized to save its face, but this one is too fat for its own good and too thin for its own good.

What are the more popular Rolex watches from a colour point of view?

When it comes to which watch brands are popular, we all know what we are talking about, and we can even name quite a few, such as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Audemars Piguet, Blancpain, Omega, IWC, Panerai, Richard Mille, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and so on, including Rolex, which we are focusing on today, each of which can be said to be unique and distinctive in its own way.

However, when it comes to colour, it can honestly be said that not every brand has interpreted colour in such a way that it receives so much attention. For example, what would you say is the dominant colour of Patek Philippe? Black leather straps + white (stainless steel, white gold, platinum, etc.) cases are, I’m afraid, the image many people have. In fact, this is true of many watch brands, and not just one in particular. Patek Philippe, of course, does not focus much on colour, but it is notable for its complications and for the craftsmanship of its watches.

Perhaps some brands have not yet paid particular attention to the issue of colour, or perhaps some brands have introduced models in different colours but have not attracted much attention. In contrast, the colours of Rolex watches have attracted more attention. Here we talk about them separately.

Firstly, black

Black is actually very serious, or very solemn, as in the case of the Qin dynasty in China.

Many of Rolex’s classic models have black dials, such as the Aquatimer, Airmaster, Sea Ambassador and Greenwich type. When you look at many watch brands, there are not many that can make so many black dials and get so much attention. Many brands are actually “immersed” in the world of white or light-coloured dials. Of course,fake rolex uk watches there is also a reason why they have introduced black dial watches, but they have not received so much attention.

Secondly, gold

Gold is a symbol of wealth, and in this respect the aesthetics are almost identical between East and West. The big gold Rolexes (the gold logbook or day date models are more popular) have always been an important part of the perception of Rolex for many watch enthusiasts.

However, gold can be very fussy, and if it is not used properly or matched well, it can easily create an incongruous look. Therefore, to hold the aura of gold, you do need to have a different aura to do so. A friend of mine once told how he liked gold watches but would not consider them yet because he was worried that he could not hold the aura of gold watches and wanted to wait until he was 60 years old before considering them.

Thirdly, the colour green

The colour green often represents abundant vitality or exuberance.

For this reason, there are many watch enthusiasts who are very attracted to the colour green. However, it is easy to see that there are very few brands that have really made the colour green a hit. One of the more iconic models is the Rolex Green Ghost, which is even now being hyped up. In addition, Rolex also has a green-bezeled Water Ghost and a green-dialed yellow gold Daytona, which are also popular.

Fourthly, mixing and matching colours

Mixing and matching colours actually highlights the colours even more. Therefore, it is not something that many brands are willing to try easily, after all, compared to the safe choice of colours, colour mixing is still relatively risky and can easily cause polarisation between those who like it and those who do not. However, some of Rolex’s colour-mixing models have attracted a lot of attention, notably the Daytona and Greenwich models.

For example, the combination of red and black, red and blue, also known as the Coke Circle or Pepsi Circle.

In the late 1950s, Rolex, in order to help an airline solve the problem of flying across time zones to see the time in different time zones, modified the original Turn-O-Graph Ref. 6202, the model with the 24-hour scale and bi-directional rotating bezel that would later appear. This dual time model was ordered in large numbers by the Peruvian military, and Rolex, in order to To distinguish the military version from the civilian version, Rolex made an all-blue colour scheme on the bezel. Later on, Rolex entered into a partnership with Coca-Cola, which split the colour of the ceramic bezel into red and black, or the “Coke ring”, as it is often called. The red and blue bezel model in collaboration with Pepsi is known as the “Pepsi Circle”.

There is also the Rainbow Dee, which is of interest to many watch fans. The so-called “Rainbow Di” is actually a colourful circle of diamonds around the outer bezel, as bright as a rainbow, and it even continues to the bridges and lugs with a few scattered diamonds, which is very luxurious. First seen at Baselworld 2012, this model comes in two versions, one in yellow gold with diamonds, model number 116598, and one in white gold with diamonds, model number 116599.

Objectively speaking, it is not easy for a brand to interpret the theme of colour to this extent, and it is especially not easy to make the element of colour both eye-catching and heart-grabbing, and still marketable. However, we should also see that not all watch aficionados are interested in a model with such a prominent colour or shade, and these are quite normal.